Acquapuro is a brand of mixer taps designed and manufactured by Coriandoli Limited, a family owned business specialising in kitchen mixer taps for over 30 years. Coriandoli have been assocciated with filtered water mixers for over 15 years which began with collaborations with some well known tap and appliance brands.


All Acquapuro mixers can be used with either a filter system or water softener, additionally our products can also be used with alternatively branded filters. If you already have a filter and only require a three way mixer tap, simply connect the outlet pipe from your filter to the third flexible hose connection on the Acquapuro mixer tap. You may need to source a connection fitting, but our hoses will connect to both John Guest and DM Fit 1/2" and 3/8" male fittings.


We believe the mixer tap is as important as the water it conveys, we do not see the tap as something incidental, but a quality, stylish center piece for your kitchen. We have spent considerable time designing these products and are very confident you will be happy with your purchase.





All of our products have a five year warranty which covers workmanship and consumable parts such as valves and cartridges. The chrome or brushed finish has a one year warranty.


If a problem occurs with your mixer tap once it has been installed, our company policy is to rectify these issues by sending components, rather than swapping the mixer for a new one. This is because most issues are easily rectified with the mixer tap in situ and do not need the mixer to be removed which is costly and time consuming.