The Sorrento features a single curve, flat topped spout which ends with two recessed aerators tucked up neatly in the underside of the spout tip. This design is very popular in Europe, a very fashionable product for any contemporary kitchen.


In May 2021 we began updating the Sorrento spout so all water supplies exit through a single aerator. The treated water flow still remains separate, we just wanted to modernise and create a neater spout design.


At the moment chrome mixers offer the single aerator and the brushed versions offer the dual aerators. Models with two aerators dispense the hot and cold water through the rear aerator with the treated water via the front aerator.


Product Range



All Acquapuro three lever mixers have been designed so that the hot water is operated by the left hand lever, cold water by the right hand lever and either filtered or hard water being conveyed by the middle lever.


Our two lever mixers combine hot and cold water on the right hand lever - the adjacent slide show explains how this works.


Three lever mixers are functional and practical however, two lever mixers are more refined, they offer the same features but with fewer levers.


Technical Information



Dual flow swivel spout.


Dedicated filtered water aerator.


Quarter turn ceramic valves and cartridges.


Spout connection anti-wobble nylon guide ring.


Double pair of spout O-rings.


Solid fix installation kit.


Flexible hoses 450mm long c/w non return valves.





Body and main components manufactured from brass.


Maximum water pressure 5.5bar. Recommended minimum 0.5bar


Two lever hot & cold water flow 5.40lpm, mixed water 7.80lpm @ 0.5bar


Three lever hot & cold water flow 6.00lpm, mixed water 11.60lpm @ 0.5bar